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We’re gonna go ahead and go over my favorite top tips and tricks that you could do on your Apple TV. This is a first-time buyer guide but also has a couple of new updates.

Currently, the latest OS for the Apple TV is tvOS 14 and there are a couple of additional goodies that Apple integrated.

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Apple tvOS 14

So sit back and relax and let’s go ahead and go over the top tips and tricks as well some hidden features that you have to know if you recently picked up an Apple TV.

Let’s just get quickly familiar with the controller.

It’s really basic and simple.

There are some shortcuts for something that has so few buttons for example the main button, the menu button.

If you tap once will quickly take you to the main menu.

In the main menu if you tap the menu button one more time it’s gonna play the screen saver and if you’re on an app and you long-press it, it’s gonna jump back to that menu as well.

Now the TV icon will always take you to the Apple TV but if you don’t like it doing that you can always change it by simply hopping into your settings.

Go into remote and devices.

Right there where it says home button.

You can switch between the Apple TV app or the home screen.

Apple TV

It’s basically like the menu button, if you want personal preference but you can also see the battery life percentage of the remote, you click on it for more additional details.

If you like to change the speed you can always change the track, surface speed, right there from slow, medium, fast.

Now double tap in the TV icon this will actually take you to the app switcher.

You can scroll between previously open apps.

If you want to force close one just swipe up and if your Apple TV is having issues, if you want to force reset it, just hold down the menu button and the TV icon at the same time for a couple of seconds and it’ll quickly reset the Apple TV.

And then since the Apple TV is turned off, just tap the menu button, it should automatically turn on the television and the Apple TV at the same time.

But if you want to turn off everything by putting the device in sleep mode including the television, just hold down the TV icon, and right there where it says sleep, click on that, it’ll turn everything off.

Once more menu button will turn the TV and the Apple TV back on.

Now in the main menu, if you tap the menu button, one more time you’ll automatically switch to Apple’s screen savers.

If you just want to switch between the next one, you simply swipe or go back to your previous one but new for Apple TV 14 part of the firmware update.

If you go into settings and you go to General then go into a screen saver.

If you go into themes you can hide the ones that you don’t like.

So if you hide all of them except for one and now whenever you go back and enable the screen saver it’s just gonna play that same themed one all over and over again.

Microphone Control Icon

Now the microphone control icon, if you press and hold this will launch Siri and a very useful tool.

This is whenever you’re watching a show, a video, in general.

You could literally request Siri to go to 30 seconds, 40 seconds, or go to a certain time of that video.

You can ask general questions like you would on your iPhone with Siri.

Apple TV Remote with iPhone

Apple TV iPhone Remote

In addition to that, if you have an iPhone and you happen to be having a hard time finding the Apple TV remote, it’s also built into your phone’s operating system.

If you go into your settings and go into your control center and scroll all the way down to where you see the Apple TV remote, add it.

Now whenever you bring down the control tab, click on the Apple TV remote icon, select the Apple TV box and now you have your controller right here on your phone.

Basically, you can do everything that you’re able to similarly do on the regular Apple TV remote.

Apple Watch Remote

If you have an Apple watch you can do the exact same thing you just have to go into the now playing app, go back and scroll down until you see your Apple TV, and right there tap on the remote icon and there you have it.

You have the remote right there on your wrist.

Another important thing to know about the Apple TV is on the home page.

You could just rearrange the apps by simply holding down and moving them so you can stack them up on top of each other like folders.

Exactly like how you typically would on your iPhone.

Apple Watch Remote

Now if you like to delete some of these apps just continue holding until the play and pause option pops up, tap on there and you can not only create a new folder but you can also delete the entire app.

You also have other additional options as well.

You can also switch between light mode or dark mode, just like our phones.

Go into your settings go into general and go to appearance, there you can switch between dark mode or light mode or leave it automatic where it will switch between sunrise and sunset automatically.

It’s a personal preference whatever look you’re trying to go, go for it.

AirPods with Apple TV

Apple TV 14 is now, you could actually pair two AirPods or other compatible h1 shifts equip or w1 chip headphones to the Apple TV.

Before you go ahead and pair your air pods to the Apple TV we highly recommend quickly, just going into your settings and go into video and audio and go all the way down to where you see wireless audio sync.

Tap on there and your iPhone will automatically see that a pop-up card pops up.

Simply tap continue and what it’s going to do is utilize the microphone on your iPhone to calibrate the audio delay so there’s no audio delay whatsoever to tap continue and just let it do its thing.

Airpods with Apple TV

So now whenever you tap and hold the TV icon one more time, go into the airdrop icon select the AirPods you like to connect to and you should be automatically connected.

And if you like to do audio sharing just go tap audio sharing, open up the AirPod you want to connect to, and just follow the on-screen instruction.

Let it connect and there you have it.

You control the audio levels individually on all devices as well by doing this with the remote or adjusting the headphone itself.

Picture in Picture Mode

Picture in picture mode is now also available on the Apple TV.

It only works on certain third-party apps not all of them but hopefully, in the near future, all of them will support this.

So if we play a movie or something, if you tap and hold the trackpad you’ll see this icon and this is how you could do Picture in Picture and now you can multitask while viewing other videos or maybe playing a game in the background.

Xbox Connectivity

Speaking of games, if you have an Xbox one controller or even the Elite controller, you could pair it wirelessly to the Apple TV by simply holding down the Xbox button and then press on the synchronize button.

It should pop up right there in this menu.

The PlayStation 5 controller isn’t yet compatible but to set the PS4 controller to pair mode, simply hold down the PlayStation button as well as the share button at the same time until you see the controller begin flashing.

So when it does this just simply tap connect and you’re good.

In addition to that, you can also pair third-party Bluetooth headphones so they don’t have to be Apple’s main brand headphones.

You can simply connect any Bluetooth headphones as long as you put them in pair mode.

Xbox with Apple TV

Screen Mirroring

Go into the discover mode in the menu, now if you have an iPad, a MAC, or an iPhone and you want to mirror everything that’s on the display to the TV, it’s really easy on the iPad and iPhone.

Simply bring down the control center and just tap on the share mirroring icon.

Right there tap on the Apple TV and the Mac computer same thing to open the control center screen mirroring.

You can also switch between a mirror display or you can let it become an extended display to your Apple computer.

If you want to share a photo or a video from your phone do the television it’s really easy.

Just go into your phone’s photo library, tap the plus icon right there for sharing.

Scroll down to where you see airplay.

From there select the Apple TV and just like that, it shares the video or photos on the big screen.

User Accounts

Lastly, if your household has other Apple users that want to add their account to your Apple TV, you may also do that so they show up.

Next time whenever you turn on your device, they could easily do so.

Just go back into your settings, go into user and accounts, and from there tap on adding a new user.

Just sign in and pair with either your phone or enter this information manually.

You are required to have the primary owner of the Apple TV password to set it all up and there you have it.

Now you are a pro user in terms of mastering your Apple TV and using all its unique features so you can really use your device at its full potential.

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