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Here we are going to be showing you how to make your iOS 14 device look awesome. Now before we get started please make sure you do have iOS 14 on your phone.

If you don’t, it’s very simple you go into settings then go into general then go to software update and your device will scan your software.

If you don’t have it, it’ll present you with the option to go ahead and update your device.

iOS 14 Customization

The very first thing you might want to do is reorganize the whole home screen.

iOS 14 App Library

Now with iOS 14 instead of deleting the app, you can send that app to the app library.

Let me give you guys a quick example, if you hold down on any app, you’ll have a “remove app” button you click that and you can move to the app library.

As you could notice, it almost looks like it actually deleted the app but if you go all the way to the app library and there you go, you still have that app on your device.

iOS 14 Customization

Another cool thing that you can do to speed up the process is to tap any app and hold it down then once you have this, click on the dots at the bottom which will allow you to delete pages pretty freaking quickly.

Click done and there you go, you’ve deleted pretty much those pages.

Just know that those pages aren’t deleted forever, you can retrieve them by redoing the same process and checking the pages that you want back again.

Cool so this is a bit of a tedious task but it’s worth it.

You can color-code all your apps and put them all together, bundle them up by colors.

Later on, I’m going to be showing you how you can change your app covers so you can more or less match the theme.

iOS 4 Wallpapers

It’s time for you guys to get rid of your ugly iOS 14 wallpapers and look for new ones.

One website that you can enjoy for this type of stuff is called Unsplash.

You can go for a black clean theme or sort of a pretty freaking cool and clean black wallpaper.

You can download it and save that to your photos album and set it to the home screen and there you go.

Fonts App


Before jumping into the widgets and changing the app covers you might want to download an app called Fonts.

You can download that in the app store.

Then once it’s downloaded you can go into your notes, and you’ll have all these cool fonts right there for you to use.

You can use these cool fonts to change the letters in your app covers, that’s going to allow the theme to look even cooler.

Now the way you change your app covers is simple, all you need is to go to the shortcuts app then you go in the plus, right there you add action, and type “open app”.

Once your new shortcut is added to the screen you can click on choose.

Let’s do Instagram just for fun, click the three little dots on the right corner.

The shortcut name you can use something cool.

iOS 14 App Covers

You can choose a photo for the app cover.

If we go on to safari, click the Instagram icon, you can go ahead and add this to photos.

Go back into your shortcuts app choose a photo, then click Add, and then done, so now the Instagram app is added right there as your home screen.

App Covers

You can go ahead and click on the original Instagram app and move it to the app library.

It won’t delete it.

Now once you open the new Instagram app, it’ll go into the shortcuts and then go into Instagram which is sort of annoying.

I guess there are always pros and cons to this type of stuff.

Now, this is a bit of a tedious process but you can do this with every single app you have on your home pages.

I’m not going to cover everything, I’m just going to leave it like this.

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For this article now we’re going to be moving into something very cool in iOS 14 which is widgets and to have custom widgets, you do need an app, and the app I’m going to be using is called Widgetsmith.

So Widgetsmith will allow you to have cool widgets within your theme.

It’s very simple, all you need is to look for Widgetsmith. Once you have the app open in front of you.

You can go ahead and add small widgets, medium widgets, and large widgets.

Now if you click on medium widgets, you’ll have the default widget popup, you click on that then you can go ahead and click on this and change the widget.


You would like to have a photo widget, select it.

Click on the selected photo, choose a photo.

You can have your design from the canvas shop.

Go back to the tab to rename it and save it.

Boom now we have created one widget.

You can go into your home screen, go into the section where you would like for that widget to appear.

Tap any app, hold it down, edit the home screen plus button, it doesn’t matter, click on the medium one right there, add widget and that widget will be added to your home screen.

Now you might be thinking okay where is my custom widget at?

Well, you have to hold down the widget, edit the widget, and then you’ll have a medium widget.

Click on that and you’ll have your custom widget and there you go.

Your custom photo widget is on the section you wanted it.

You can learn more about the iOS 14 Features.

This is pretty much how you make your phone look super customizable and have a cool theme that fits your personality and that is the end of this article.

You may also learn about Apple TV tvOS 14 here.

Here are some free iOS 14 Apps to customize your iPad.

If this post has been useful to you because you were looking for ways to customize your theme send us your feedback by Contacting Us.

Have a very good time!

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