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Apple released iOS 15 beta 3. This is available to developers right now and maybe out to public beta testers. Now, this came in at a very large 1.28 Gigabytes.

That’s pretty large for a beta update and that’s on my iPhone, 12 Pro Max.

iOS 15 Beta 3 Features

  • New splash screen is introduced for those who open the App Store for the first time, showing in-app events
  • New icons in the Focus menu in the settings app
  • Color matching icons for a selected Focus
  • Button for Adding Schedule or Automation got bigger in size.
  • New screen in Focus menu for Focus Status.
  • New actions added for Background Sounds in the Shortcuts
  • The New color changing widgets for Music home screen to play or pause
  • New icon in text editing menu for Text from Camera option
  • Added “Transfer or Reset iPhone” option in the Settings
  • Added “+” button in the Find My app for sharing location, adding an AirTag
  • New Interface for notification summaries
iOS 15 beta 3 Infographic

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Changes in Safari

  • Safari extensions
  • New App Store widget
  • Changes to the safari navigation bar
  • Tap and hold on the address bar to get Reload option

I also have it on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 6S plus.

Along with this Apple also released iPadOS 15 beta 3 that I’m running on my M1 iPad pro 12.9, WatchOS 8 beta 3, tvOS15 beta 3, and macOS Monterey beta 3.

So all of those are available now along with a HomepodOS update.

If you’re in that beta program, there was an update because of devices being bricked.

They’ve since updated that again today with a new beta three.

So all of those are available now.

Now let’s go ahead and take a look at the build number and talk about what’s new.

Go to settings then > Go to General > About.

Now, if you tap on the software version number, you’ll see it says 15.0.

You’ll see the build number is 19A5297e.

This particular update does have some changes, feature updates, and bug fixes as well.

The first thing they’ve updated is the modem update or a modem Firmware update.

If you’re having issues with connectivity, maybe switching between 4g and 5g, hopefully, it’s improved.

Only time will tell. It was okay for me so far.

They seemingly have improved it, but they haven’t said what they’ve improved with that.

Now the first change they’ve made has to do with Focus Modes.

These are super helpful to go into do not disturb mode and also have other focus modes.

They’ve changed the menu itself.

iOS 15 Beta 3

If you go into settings and then go to Focus.

Under focus, you’ll see, it looks pretty typical.

Like we had before.

However, on beta 2 in iPhone 12 Pro, you’ll see that there’s focus status and phone calls.

They’re no longer on the Main Menu on beta 3.

They’ve been moved under each menu.

So if you go into Sleep Mode settings, for example, you’ll see that it’s also changed.

Now we have the home Screen and the Lock Screen and Focus Status as well.

It is changed a little bit more where you can open Sleep Mode, Health Check Schedule, and other options.

So they’ve just changed this around a little bit as far as its overall looks are considered.

Also, when you turn on Focus Modes, it’s now Color Coordinated to what options you are having.

For example, Do not disturb is purple, Sleep Mode has a green color and if you turn it on, you will be switched to sleep following the color indicator.

If you go to Driving, it’s purple but when you go home in the evening, it’s blue.

So it’s just color coordination and it matches the icon itself.

So that’s a nice little update they’ve done.

Now with iOS 15 safari got a major update and in beta three, they’ve fixed some of the complaints we had before.

iOS 15 Changes

If you go Safari, it’s nice that now we have the address bar at the bottom, but it would slide all the way to the top to try and enter the address.

You can tap on it to edit.

Now, it also locks to the top of the keyboard.

It no longer slides all the way to the top.

So this is a nice little change that they’ve added.

If you repeat that on beta 2, it slides all the way to the top.

It’s sort of, out of reach of where you’re typing.

So it makes sense to keep it down at the bottom, along with this, they’ve also updated it.

When you go to the webpage, you can rotate to landscape and if you scroll down or refresh, you’ll see, there are no icons there at the top.

You’ll see there’s a refresh or a reload button at the top.

You’ve got a little circle with the arrow.

So that’s a small little change as well.

Also, if we press and hold the menu at the bottom, we have a little pop-up and we have the option to reload here as well.

So instead of pulling down to reload the screen, you have another option here when you have to press so you can reload the screen that way, and there you can also notice a little flash.

There are still some bugs in iOS 15 beta 3, I’ve noticed throughout, but they’ve updated safari to make it much more useful, as far as that goes.

Also, if you want to paste something, you can tap and paste.

You’ll see there’s a little icon that we can paste from the text. Before this, it actually says the words as plain text “Paste from the text”.

If you look at the previous version, you’ll see it says text from the camera.

Instead, we now have an icon.

This could be a little bit confusing for a new user, but it makes sense if you’ve ever seen that in the camera app, for example.

Here you can find the Release notes for iOS 15 beta 3.

You can also fix the battery drain issues in iPhone here.

Feel free to Contact Us for your feedback and comments.

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