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Here we are going to list the top 10 best iOS apps from AppVally VIP. You can download and install them on all iOS devices for free.

Just keep in mind that somebody may have a premium service but don’t worry, you don’t have to start the 7-day trial.

iOS Apps

These apps are completely free but they may contain some ads running.

Let’s go ahead and start our list.

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Just Watch

The first one is called Just Watch.

Well, if you’re subscribed to Netflix or other streaming platforms when you launch this iOS app and go to their home page, will categorize all the hottest streaming series or movies for you.

You can also go into a new category and see what’s new on the streaming subscriptions that you’re subscribed to.

You can add more subscriptions by hitting the Plus sign.

If you have HBO, just checkmark disc and it’s gonna show you the things that are new on HBO, in case you are a subscriber.

You can search movies by year, release, genres, price, and all that good stuff right there on top, and also the popular list.

So you can see what’s hot on TV series or movies and the cool thing that I like the most about this iOS app is you can search.

Free iOS Apps

So if there’s a certain movie that you’re waiting for but isn’t yet released you could search it up and see where you could watch it and where it’s available.

For example, the movie 1917 is a great film, it’s only available to be rented currently.

Avengers is available on Amazon Prime videos as well as Disney Plus where you could stream.

If you go down you can see other streaming services that are also playing the Avengers.

You may also bookmark it as well.

So it will notify you if there’s a certain movie they just got added like on Netflix or something.

If you’re a movie lover you just want to see what’s hot, what’s available, this application pretty much has everything organized.

My Radar

I recently discovered an iOS app called My Radar and what I like about this app is that it gives you all the tools that you need to check the current weather conditions and more.

When you will launch this iOS app you will get the cool layout of the earth and you can also track and see live footage of the current conditions.

Of course, we have some ads but it provides you a lot of value, like weather forecast tools.

This application is community driven so the community can also upload current weather conditions all around the world.

You can just click and view the most recent uploads.

You can change the earth layout from flat to globe so you can search around the world.

You can change it to the temperature, to locate the hottest or coolest spots including snow around the globe.

If you want to you can search for winds, temperature, clouds, earthquakes, wildfires but you can see all this information right there from this iOS app.

So if you want to have the same tools that Weather Channel is given, this is a great iOS app.

You can see everything live while it’s happening now.

Photo Retouch-Object Removal

Photo Retouch Object Removal

Photo Retouch-Object Removal is a fantastic tool to have especially if you do a lot of photo-taking and you just want to do a quick edit where you can remove certain subjects from a picture.

This iOS app is free to download and when you launch it you could either take a picture from your camera or go in and get access to your camera roll and select the image that you want to remove a subject from.

Of course, there’s gonna be an ad because it is free to download, but it’s great that the ads don’t take that long.

So, if you want to remove any subject just select remove all objects you go as a pinch and zoom.

You can highlight the subject.

You can control the size of the brush, so if you want a bigger you could do that.

You can save the image to your camera roll and when you look back at it, there will be no watermark.

So you could post that on social media or anywhere else without a watermark.

This is the free version so if you’re looking for a powerful editing iOS app for your images check out this one.

Vellum Wallpaper

Vellum Wallpaper is a great iOS app if you’re trying to change the look of your iPad with an image that’s unique.

They have different categories there where you can select from.

So if you’re looking for a cool unique wallpaper check out this iOS app.

You could download the images right and it gets saved to your camera roll.

After that just go to your image and set it as a wallpaper or homepage.

They have a bunch of different categories to choose from.

Some awesome Ouellette wallpapers are also there to make your device stand out.

Everything is unique there, so you could probably find the right one that fits your personality.

Vellum Wallpapers

Dope Wallpaper

In case you can’t and you want something edgier, check out Dope Wallpaper.

They have everything from trending stuff like Rickett Morning.

This is unique if you’re trying to find something like that.

Of course, it’s free so there’s gonna be some ads.

You have Ninjas Panda Bear Supreme Astronaut as well.

Save these images that you like to your camera roll and just set it as your wallpaper.

QuickNotes X

Now if you have the Apple pencil and you want to take some awesome quick notebooks like notes check out quick notes X.

The free version of QuickNotes X allows you to create two separate notebooks.

If you go ahead and create one, you could customize it to cover two different color options, but those are locked because you have to pay for the premium version.

But you can go ahead and select yellow, you may also change and choose the different style of paper you want to select.

When you open it up, you have all the useful tools there, like your pencil, your eraser so you could quickly take notes.

If you want to add a new note just simply add the plus note icon.

You may also import a photo as a background or an overlay just you can’t add text because that requires you to buy the pro-pack or the total pack.

But if you’re trying to just utilize the Apple pencil bit more when taking notes during class, this is a great iOS app that you probably want to take a look at.



Well, I got a pocket. It actually will save articles and everything from like webpage articles to like videos you saved on YouTube.

It doesn’t install it or save it onto the device but it’s just an easier way to bookmark things you want to save.

If you go ahead and save any article to your device, you don’t have to have any on Wi-Fi and you can still have access to those articles and web pages.

That will save on the air but when it comes to watching videos you need the internet.

So if you go ahead and connect back to your Wi-Fi, you can now play those videos that you saved.

Now if you go back to an article that you want to catch up to later and you just finish reading it, you can also hit the checkmark right there and it’s now gone.

That’s the quick rundown of how I use this iOS app and how you may also benefit from it.

Kitchen Stories

If you want to quickly build up your kitchen skills on awesome recipes check out kitchen stories.

This is a community-driven iOS app.

It has actual real chefs.

So somebody’s recipes you see here are guides by real recipe chefs I should.

They also have video tutorials if you need that.

And then some of these recipes also include calories.

Everything from macro nutrition and all that good stuff and you also get a shopping list option there so you could download the mobile version.

So next time you can use it while doing some grocery shopping and you know exactly what you need to get.

Kitchen Stories


If you’re looking for a traditional notebook to sketch drawings checkout Paper.

Paper allows you to create multiple different journals with unlimited pages and you have all the useful and important tools you need to create your artwork.

This is an awesome free-to-download iOS app.


Another one that is an honorable mention that should also include is the sketchbook.

This one gives you more tools.

It’s more professional than the other one.

There’s also three-dimensional stuff you could do.

Also, all your important tools are right there.

There’s a trace option there as well where the camera will trace the drawing.

Where you continue outlining everything on the display.

It’s cool. Recommended to check out these two.


Call of Duty

Now, this final one is a gaming iOS app Call of Duty.

if you’re an old-school COD4 player, you’re gonna really like the mobile version especially on the iPad ever since iPad OS got released.

The software is now fully compatible to be supported to use full console controller so if you have quick access to an Xbox one controller you could connect it via Bluetooth on your iPad and the control works flawlessly.

It is a mobile game you’re playing on so it’s not that much responsive compared to the actual console itself but this still really is enjoyable.

You’re gonna easily dominate if you’re using a console controller compared to just rubbing your finger all over the screen.

If you’re actually on an iPad pro you could utilize the 120 Hertz.

This game is really enjoyable if you have any downtime, you want a quick fun way to pass the time, definitely do download the Call of Duty mobile game.

It’s great.

You won’t regret it.

The experience is phenomenal and then I mentioned, this is free.

There are in-game purchases, you can buy but it’s not required.

You can download these apps from Apple’s iOS App Store.

You may also like to learn about iOS 15 beta 3.

Here is Huawei’s HarmonyOS, you can learn about that as well.

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