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The battery problem is the number one iOS problem. People think that they need a new battery, the truth is that the problem is with the software on the phone, not the hardware itself.

iOS Battery Life Tips & Tricks

Here we will guide you through the way to fix the battery drain problems in your iPhone.

We’re gonna start in the privacy sections of the settings app.

Location Services

Open the Settings app on your iPhone > Scroll down to Privacy > Tap on the “location services”.

This is one of the most important settings on your iPhone.

It is one of the biggest battery drainers.

We are not the type of people to tell you to turn off this entirely because it is part of what makes the iPhone so great to use.

2 things to look out for are always yep and the purple arrows right be careful of those.

Purple arrows mean that your iPhone has used your location within the last 24 hours.

It can be kind of a red flag and always means that your iPhone can use your location all the time even when the app isn’t running.

So let’s dive in.

iOS Battery Drain Fix Infographic

Scroll down to your list of apps and look for anything that says “always”.

So DraftKings for example, Daily Fantasy sports is not legal in every state so you need to enter your location when you’re entering a contest.

However, you only need that when you’re using the app.

You don’t need to do it all the time.

So if you tap on Draftkings, pay attention to this precise location switch too.

Remember that when apps use your location the more precise the location is, the more battery it’s going to use.

It’s just the way GPS works.

Don’t let any unfamiliar apps have access to your location all the time.

Tap back next.

Let’s scroll down to system services and tap on that right away.

If you’ve never been to this section of the settings app before I’m sure all of those switches are turned on for you and we only recommend turning three of these on right and making sure that the color is turned to purple.

So only following we recommend leaving ON:

  • Emergency calls
  • Find my iPhone

Share your location if you use that.

Yeah, so start tapping these switches to turn these things off.

Compass calibration

Leave emergency calls and so, find my iPhone location for networking wireless you might see a pop-up like this saying “hey these might affect your wi-fi and Bluetooth” and it probably won’t almost certainly.

Well yeah, this is a lot more about sending information to Apple so that they can improve their products.

Then it is about helping you get more out of your iPhone except in a few of these circumstances for instance wi-fi calling.

iOS Battery Fixes

Wifi Calling

We got a comment once, people said oh you got to have that on for wi-fi.

I’ve had this off for months and wi-fi calling works perfectly so turn it off.

Next, let’s tap on significant locations right below the wi-fi calling.

The switch, kind of a weird feature saves a list of all the places you visit most often.

You can just turn this switch right off, clear that history cause it has a lot more to do with battery-saving than it does with privacy because Apple is really kind of the best big tech company in my opinion with privacy.

Product Improvement

The last thing here in the system services is the product improvement section.

Go ahead and just turn all these switches off.

A little bit of battery life you’ll be saving and Apple can approve their products.

Closing Apps

Our next tip is going to be kind of controversial so I’m going to duck and it is to close out your apps.

You should never have to do this. Apps are supposed to work perfectly but they don’t.

App developers aren’t perfect.

The iPhone isn’t perfect.

I know, so definitely close out your Apps. It’s kind of like wearing the seat belts in your car.

Swipe up from the bottom of the center of the screen to get to the app switcher and just swipe your apps up and close them.

iOS Battery Settings


Next, let’s talk about notifications.

More notifications are popping on the screen all the time which means that something is going on in the background, where your phone is listening for notifications all the time, which could be a battery drainer.

Sorry if I’m just pushing you over here.

Yes, but it could also be kind of annoying.

Let’s talk about how to choose notifications, open the main page of the settings app > if you just close it, you’ll be brought right back to the main page of the settings app and tap on the notifications right there.

Look through the list and start to choose which apps you want to allow to send you notifications when you’re not using them.

Clubhouse for example.

If you use Clubhouse you know that they send you a lot of notifications.

It’s very distracting so you can just tap on Clubhouse, you will have some options there you can just turn off notifications entirely or you can just select the ones you want to see.

There are a lot of great settings in there.

You can just turn them off entirely.

These things can make your life a little bit less hectic as well as save you some battery life.

Dark Mode

Next, let’s talk about the dark mode.

It looks cool and it can save battery life.

Makes sense.

Right. It’s just kind of a logical thing.

Google specifically recommends doing this on their Pixel Phones.

Why not do it on an iPhone.

If the screen is darker less battery life.

Yeah so go to the settings app again and scroll down to display and brightness.

Tap on that and then just tap on dark automatic means that it’s going to switch to the light mode in the morning and dark mode at night.

You can switch off that automatic option so that it’s just dark mode all the time.

Dark Mode

Screen Auto Lock

That’s the way I like to use my phone and while you’re there just check auto-lock, you probably don’t want auto-lock set to never.

We recommend two to five minutes screen-off time.

It is generally pretty good.

Background App Refresh

Let’s talk about background app refresh.

It allows certain apps to download content in the background of your iPhone even when you’re not using them.

The first thing there is to look at the options at top of the screen, tap on background app refresh and there you have wi-fi and cellular data.

We recommend sending this to wi-fi because a background app refreshes out of control, you can drain a lot of cellular data pretty quickly.

Cellular data network

If you don’t have a great connection to your cellular data network that’s also going to use more battery than if you do have a good connection.

So as you’re traveling, this could become a battery drainer when you’re in areas without good cell coverage.

So just tap on wi-fi to switch to wi-fi.

A little blue check will appear.

Tap back and go through this list of apps that you want to allow downloading new content in the background of your iPhone.

Probably not many of them and by default, I think most of these switches are going to be ON for you, so you can just kind of go through the list and start turning some of them OFF.

Reduced Motion

Next, we’re going to talk about reduced motion.

Any gamer will tell you that the iPhone’s battery drains faster and then it gets hot when they’re playing a 3D game and that’s because the iPhone is using the GPU or Graphics Processing Unit a lot.

Reduced motion helps you to use the GPU less which is going to save your battery life and you probably won’t even notice a difference.

Navigate back to the settings and scroll down to accessibility.

Tap on motion and reduce it at the top of the screen.

Some of the transitions might look different like if you swipe up to go back to the home screen it’s more of a blur than it is a sliding thing over time.

These things add up less GPU usage.

Tap back to accessibility in the upper left-hand corner of the screen and reduce the white point.

When you are in bed at night, sometimes you are trying to read something on your iPhone and the screen is too bright This just makes the screen a little dimmer and the bright light a little bit darker.

I have it on 50 all the time. It’s just putting out less power.

It’s probably one of the reasons I have such great battery life.

iOS Battery Health Check

Our next tip is in the battery section of the settings app.

It’s probably about time.

Go back to the main settings page and scroll down to the battery and then tap on battery health.

Lithium-ion batteries are great but they don’t like two things.

The first is they don’t like to be charged super fast and the second is they don’t like to be charged up to 100 all the time.

Optimized battery charging keeps track of how you use your iPhone and it will automatically charge it to less than 100 which is going to keep that maximum capacity closer to 100 for longer battery life.

It also increases the resale value of your phone.

Removing Unnecessary Widgets

The next one has to do with a new feature in iOS 14.

Go back to the home screen and swipe up there if you have an iPhone home button just press the home button.

Once you get to the home screen then swipe left to right to get to widgets and scroll down and tap edit.

We recommend removing unnecessary widgets that you don’t use because they’re kind of like mini-apps and if you don’t use them they’re draining the battery on your iPhone and you just get rid of them and save some battery life.

Tap the minus button in the upper left-hand corner of the widget then tap remove.

It’s kind of like closing a mini-app.

It’s just running all the time and then just tap done in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Keep Your iPhone Cool

Battery Cooling

Our next tip is to keep your iPhone cool so cold temperatures may drain your battery very quickly as soon as your iPhone warms back and its fine hot temperatures on the other hand can permanently damage your iPhone battery.

So don’t leave your iPhone in a hot car.

Next tip, go back to the settings app swipe right to left and then tap on settings and tap back on battery upper left-hand corner of the screen scroll down and tap on Mail and then tap Accounts.

Background Mail Checking

Let’s talk about fetching new data, your iPhone is constantly checking these accounts and asking if their mail, is their mail, is their mail, that’s pretty much not what you need.

You may just need alerts every 15 minutes or whenever you open the Mail App so we recommend turning off push at the top.

This is a big iPhone battery saver, this way you can save a bunch of battery life.

Analytics and Improvements

Our next tip is about the privacy section of the settings app.

Tap accounts in the upper left-hand corner of the screen > tap Mail and tap settings > tap privacy and then scroll down to Analytics and Improvements.

Tap on that.

This is sharing the way that you use your phone with Apple and other app developers.

We recommend just turning them all off.

Yes, so the snap switches your iPhone watch analytics gonna pop up there.

It also turns it off for your Apple watch.

Restart iPhone

The next tip is to restart your iPhone once a week.

Pretty technical.

It can solve many sorts of problems like a computer if it starts to glitch out you turn it off turn it back on things are fixed the same thing with the iPhone.

Live with these tips for a week or two and see if your iPhone battery life improves.

For most people, it will.

However, if it doesn’t improve, you might need to restore your iPhone DFU.

DFU stands for Device Firmware Update.

It takes everything off your iPhone so makes sure you have a backup first, you can use iTunes, iCloud DFU restore.

It’s pretty easy to do.


Why is my iPhone battery suddenly draining so fast?

You should turn off background data refresh from Settings> General> Background App Refresh> Set “Background App Refresh” to OFF.

Will iOS 14.7 fix battery drain?

It is always recommended that you should keep updating iOS to the latest versions. Yes, iOS 14.7 will fix the battery drain problem in older iOS 14.6.

How do I fix my iPhone battery drain?

  • Upgrade iOS to the latest version
  • Update all installed apps
  • Check battery health and usage stats
  • Turn auto data refresh off
  • Use Mail fetch and avoid Push

Apply these tips and check for one week.

You can restore your iPhone to factory settings if the battery life is not increased.

How do I stop iOS from draining my battery?

Follow the following tips to fix iPhone battery drain issues.

  • Set Auto-Brightness ON
  • Force-stop the apps which use more battery
  • Turn off push notifications
  • Use Optimized Battery Charging iOS feature
  • Turn off all location services

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You can learn more about iOS 14 here.

You may also learn about iOS 15 beta 3.

That’s it for now.

If you have any comments please feel free to ping us back.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a great time!

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