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We are going to be discussing a very important and crucial question that I get quite often out there and that is how to become an iOS developer.

Here you will get the entire process of becoming an iOS developer.

What are the problems, the easy ways, and all these things?

We’ll be completely honest with you.

We won’t be selling any of our courses, boot camps, or anything.

Here at AppValley, you can download the best of iOS app mods and learn iOS development.

iOS Developer

Let’s now discuss how you can start to become an iOS developer.

Becoming an iOS developer is far more good than any other mobile application developer.

Payments in iOS development are quite high nowadays.

This is the present scenario, it might change in the future but right now the iOS development is far more expensive as compared to the other developments.

So it’s good. People are getting much more money in iOS development.

How does the process start to become an iOS developer?

iOS Developer Infographic

Now, this is the process that we would like to show you.

There are some exceptions.

Let’s not talk about them.

iOS Developer Environment

The very first thing that we would like to suggest to all of you before becoming an iOS developer is to get friendly with the iOS environment.

You might be having an Android phone or a Windows Phone or maybe an Ubuntu phone but if you want to develop some apps for iPhone then the environment should be very friendly with you.

First of all, it’s required.

A lot of people say that it’s not compulsory to have an iPhone with you.

I say that yes, it’s not compulsory to have an iPhone but you should be completely familiar with what the screen looks like, how the segues are moved, how the app transition happens from one screen to another screen.

You should be completely familiar with what the permission pop-up looks like and how the segues move on and a lot of things like that.

So that you can understand the feel and polished look that Apple is trying to give in each application.

You might be able to design that but that is not going to be a great app.

So first of all familiarization with the iOS environment is very much important.

The thing that you might want to have is a Mac operating system.

Mac Operating System

Now you can have a Mac Mini, a MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro maybe iMac, or anything like that but it’s required and it’s compulsory out there to release your apps in the iOS App Store.

A lot of people will say that you can go on and work on with the virtual environment, virtual machines, some online virtualizations and can work on with all of that but that’s not gonna work believe me.

You can work but at the time when your apps might want to get released out there, you will for sure, require a Macintosh out there.

So go ahead.

The easiest option is a Mac Mini because you get a fusion drive a good amount of RAM, good amount of hard disk.

It’s a great choice.

I started my development with the Mac Mini and it’s a great piece of hardware you might want to get.

In case you are having MacBook Pro or Mac Mini or a high Mac, whatever it’s going to work.

So make sure that you have that.

Development Phase

Now once you will get started with the familiarization and it’s done then you can move on to the development phase.


Now obviously the language that you might want to learn for iOS development in Swift, not Objective-C.

I expect you are starting right now, not before that and you might want to get familiarized with Swift but designing an iOS app is a little bit tricky process.

Although you might be working in some company, if you are looking as a freelancer, the number one step is to design the app, not to code the app.


So you might want to take a piece of paper and a pencil or pen whatever and you like to have a list of your expectations from the app.

On the piece of paper just design a rough sketch of your app,

Sketching that this is going to be my flash screen, this is going to be my first screen, then when a person taps on this, it should move on to this then my image will look like this, then my app will look like, and things like that.

So make sure that you have a rough sketch onto a piece of paper.

That is important otherwise you’ll just madly go out and will be coding on the Xcode.

It’s not going to work ever because you will be confused that what should I do, what is my next step.

So obviously the piece of paper is still required.



Okay once that is done then you might want to hire a designer or if you are already a designer working with Photoshop or sketch or maybe some other tools like that, you might want to design the interface for your app.

How the login screens would look like.

The signup buttons or the forms where you can fill up the emails and passwords and all these things.

What does it look like when the users click on the signup button.

How the next screen will move and will look like and all these things.

There is a good app out there called Sketch which I do like.

Most iOS developers want to get started with that.


There is a website, on which you can just upload all of these images and can simulate how your app will look on a real device in your hand or maybe on the simulators as well.


Now once that process is done, you might want to move on to the Swift and design a few cool apps like hello world.

That is going to be a good scenario of getting friendly with the iOS design.

Good knowledge of the Swift is required but don’t focus too much on the Swift because Swift is just a way how to process the loops, functions, and all these things.


A lot of functions and things are already pre-written by Apple.

So you might want to get friendly with that like for example, the date picker view.

How we can implement them? What are the required functions?

What are the protocols and all these things?

So once you get friendly with that then this completes your app in a polished manner.

All the images, all the graphic designs, and everything should be there.

Make sure that you don’t forget to export all of your images into 1x 2x and 3x sizes.

Read the human interface guidelines by Apple so that you can design the best possible icons.

Fix the widths and heights of all the images and everything in the best possible manner according to the Apple guideline, the human interface guidelines.



Okay now once your app is ready make sure that you play with it for at least a day or a couple of days.

In case you have some family members or friends just pass on your apps by taking their mobile phone and installing that app directly out there.

Now it’s possible in the Xcode 8 to just pass on the app into any iPhone or iPad just like that.

So make sure that you played for a couple of days.

iOS Developer Account

Now the final thing comes up, registering for an account for a license and it’s paid.

It’s right now $99 for a year and it’s not much because you’re going to earn quite a lot if you just release a lot of apps in the App Store.

But this is a barrier that Apple has deliberately created so that the rubbish apps don’t come in.

Because if a person is spending $99 for the app, for sure he is very serious about that and he wants to release the perfect app out there.

Apple App Store Account

Once you have applied for the license, it usually takes some time.

It can take up to 7 days.

Just expect that the license is going to come up.

Thereafter you will be writing, provisioning certificates.

That’s an easy process and you can just release your App on App Store.

Apple gives you a separate platform on which you can track your analytics, downloads, reviews, and a lot of things like that.

So this is an entire process of becoming an iOS developer.

You can learn more about Apple Developers here.

You may also want to compare Android vs iOS development.

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