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Learn PHP or node.js for freelancing. Now here’s the difference. There are projects available for both PHP as well node.js but the quantity and the quality matter.

If you want to do a lot of projects in a lot of quantity, go for PHP.

PHP vs Node

There are hundreds of projects on PHP, after taking your course on PHP as well as front-end development.

It’s completely possible and probably chances are high that you’ll be doing several projects with the PHP.

If you want to do some kind of quality work, of course, it’s gonna take a lot out of you.

It will be tougher but it will get you more amount of money.

Go for node.js if you want to do like one project a month and want to earn like 1200 to 1300 dollars per month that would be Node.js.

So yes projects are there for both of them.

For beginners, I would obviously recommend PHP.

Okay so this one is a little bit repetitive but it’s actually cool.



Where can I find resources to practice HTML CSS and JavaScript, I have completed the course but am still not confident.

OK, this is common.

Now, first of all, when you actually do any kind, of course, it will give you like 50 to 60 % of confidence which is good enough.

But after that, the projects are required.

Now after doing the projects you will even get just 90% or 85% percent of confidence and that key important part 15% is still missing.

The reason behind that is that instructors have taught you everything about HTML, CSS, JS even making a project workflow.

All of that, still you will get 85% of confidence.

The rest of the 15% will only come up when you will design the project completely on your own.

Of course, it’s going to be a little bit tough but this is actually what gives you an immense amount of confidence and the ability to say that yes whatever is going to come up I’m going to handle it.

So yes you are missing a little bit of project work, do that and you’ll be absolutely fine.

You can learn more about PHP here.

Final-Year Student

How much do you expect from a final year computer engineering student?

Now I do expect a lot and I do agree, I do feel guilty that I do expect a lot and again I do have a theory for that.

Now I believe when a student is in finals he knows a lot about friends, he knows a lot about Game of Thrones, he knows a lot about Prison Break, and of course, let’s just say at least 8 to 10 seasons that he is watching continuously.

So if a final year student just by given like one hour or two hours in the night can learn a lot about these seasons why cannot he learn a lot about the technology?

Computer Engineering Student

I expect he should be aware of HTML, CSS, JavaScript is kind of a bare minimum basic.

Everybody who is an engineer should be aware of it.

I also expect that he should not be proficient but still be good, having good knowledge about Android.

A little bit about iOS or maybe what’s happening latest in the market like React Angular.

I’m not saying he should be able to code in that but he should be aware of these technologies.

If he has done kind of like 5 or 10 projects in that, that’s awesome but at least these kinds of technologies should be aware to him.

I know I’m asking a lot from a final-year student who is not even being touched in the university but yes this is market demand.

When you’ll move out in Silicon Valley, in the United States you will be asked these kinds of questions so from a final year engineering student.

You can learn more about iOS developer Guidelines.

Instant Web Designing

What should I do if I don’t know anything about Web Designing but I want to make a paid-perfect website within a day?

There are a lot of things that we wish for, I really wish that there should be a flight which can take me from the earth to the moon within two hours. It doesn’t happen.

I also wish that while traveling from any country to any country there should be no visa process and I can directly land into any country. It doesn’t happen.

Instant Website

A lot of people expect that they should not get any error in their programming life but it doesn’t happen.

See what I’m trying to say is that programming is kind of a no magic button, you can click on that and it will create an amazing awesome website according to you.

Yes, there are platforms like VIX and WordPress but again there is not that much customization that is available when making a website from HTML, CSS coding.

It takes time.

This is not magic that you can do within a night or a day or an hour.

It doesn’t happen like that you have to work hard, you have to get experience and then only things work.

Work Hours

How many hours we should sleep in a day and how many hours we should spend on coding?

I do feel guilty about it because I steal a lot of time from my sleep time into my work time and yes I am NOT proud of it that I’m stealing a lot of time out of my sleep.

Work hours

This is not healthy but I’m guilty of it. I do it and probably in the future, I can see myself wearing the glasses.

The reason why Casey always wears sunglasses is that he also takes a lot of time from his sleep to his work.

Your eyes actually speak for themselves and when you don’t sleep that much they become red.


How to get complete knowledge in NS-3?

I do believe and I do agree with you that NS-3 is not just tough, it’s really tough because it requires you to know Linux 11s network simulators, a lot of network algorithms as well as C++.


It’s a lot to take on even to a master’s degree student or a Ph.D. degree student.

Unfortunately, there are no books or anything available on NS-3.

You have to dig down into documentation and have to do research, sorry about that but that’s the truth.


How to write a good description in freelancing for getting the first project?

Here is my first step.

Do not copy-paste even a single word in the project submission of the bidding that you are applying on the freelancing.

Now freelancing has different rules than what it used to have.

It’s all more strict but it’s actually good for everyone.

What they are doing now is, if you copy/paste even a single word they are going to punish you a lot.

So don’t copy-paste.

Try to understand what the client is asking and try to submit a personalized proposal to him and obviously it makes it much easier.


Now for actual genuine bidders who know to bid onto a project and get the project, the main point in freelancing is to understand the client’s requirement and then bid according to it.

A lot of people just copy and paste their proposals.

It doesn’t work like that.

So the main point here is to try to understand what the client is asking, if you already have such kind of project, don’t even hesitate to attach that link of the project in the proposal, it will help you a lot.

The client will understand that yes this person has done this kind of work already in the past so he will be able to understand my project’s deals and all the things that are required in this project.

Chances are high that you are gonna get your first project very soon.

Best of luck!

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